Patient Services Career Path Resource Center

No two days are alike.

Working in Patient Services puts you in the important role of caring directly for our patients. Our patients come to us for health reasons and we want to make sure they are comfortable, have the best possible experience, and that our work is always free from errors. If you join us as a Patient Service Representative or a Patient Services leader, you will learn that we are very clear on one thing: our patients are our customers.

Create Your Personal Career Path

LearnBe aware of the available courses that will help you build skills as you prepare to lay the foundation for your personal career path. Be sure to make a list of courses you've taken outside of Quest. Don’t underestimate what you know.

Research Learn about each of the different Patient Services roles by reading the job descriptions and reviewing the competencies for each role. You will find ways to create a path that allows you to take advantage of your personal strengths.

Explore Read the personal career path stories of people who have gone before you and learn how their career paths were sometimes straight roads and other times meandering lanes. Remember, there is no right way - only your way.

Create Think about the different skills and abilities you already possess (and remember, if someone says you are good at something, trust them). Think about what you want to do and where you want to go.